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Gusti Dr. Ir. Mardan Adijaya M.Sc., entitled Prince Ratu Mardan Adijaya Kesuma Ibrahim, Prince Ratu Mulawangsa (Panembahan XIII)
Gusti Dr. Ir. Mardan Adijaya M.Sc., entitled Prince Ratu Mardan Adijaya Kesuma Ibrahim, Prince Ratu Mulawangsa (Panembahan XIII)

Prince Ratu Mulawangsa is the 13rd King of Mempawah Kingdom. He was born in Pontianak on March 19, 1960 with his childhood name Mardan Adijaya. On August 12, 2002 or Monday Kliwon, Jumada al-Akhira 3, 1423 of the Islamic calendar, Prince Ratu Mulawangsa was crowned as the King of Mempawah Kingdom entitled Prince Ratu Mardan Adijaya Kesuma Ibrahim.

Traced from Kings Lineage of Mempawah Kingdom, Prince Ratu Mulawangsa is the second son of King XII, Gusti Jimmi Mohammad Ibrahim entitled Panembahan Mohammad Ibrahim and his wife, Rr. Harmini. Prince Ratu Mulawangsa has three brothers, who are Prince Gusti Agus Muharso Taufik (the first son), Titien Lestari SE. (the third son), and Dra. Padmi Yanuarni Chandramidi MM. (the fourth son).

The 13rd King of Mempawah Kingdom has earned a Bachelor Degree of Fisheries and Marine Resources of Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) in 1985.  He continued his education at University of New Brunswick (UNB), Canada in 1991 under several program scholarship, some of which were Canada Indonesia Development Agency-General Training Program (CIDA-GTP), Overseas Training Office of the National Planning Board (OTO-BAPPENAS) Scolarship Award (both received during 1991-1994), and Asian Development Bank-Six University Development and Rehabilitation (ADB-Sudr 6) Scholarship Award (received during the years 1994-1998). During studying in Canada, Prince Ratu Mulawangsa successfully completed his education over the title Master of Science in Biology in 1994 and Doctor of Philosophy in 1998.  

The knowledge gained in either IPB or UNB, he applied them through various activities such as became a lecturer at Faculty of Agriculture Tanjungpura University, Pontianak; Faculty of Engineering Tanjungpura University, Pontianak; and Faculty of Agriculture Muhammadiyah University, Pontianak. In addition, Prince Ratu Mulawangsa was also active as an informant in various international seminars. Some of those seminars are: Atlantic Canada Association of Parasitologists VI Conference on 9-10 August in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada; Annual Science Day on November 7, 1996 in New Castle, New Brunswick, Canada: Atlantic Canada Association of Parasitologists VII Conference on 22-23 August in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada; and Six Annual Conference on Student Research on 20-21 March at UNB Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

In addition, Prince Ratu Mulawangsa also joint in various institutions as well as occupied some strategic positions. Those positions are Deputy Director of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Tanjungpura University; Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Freshwater and Coastal Tanjungpura University; Secretary of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Rescue Forum; Chief Division of Protection and Conservation of Kapuas Community; Executive Director of Fishermen Community; Chairman of the Environmental Division of Strategic Studies of West Kalimantan, Member of the Technical and Steering Committee of Program Development of Marine Resources of West Kalimantan, and also Chief Community of Historical Care.

Prince Ratu Mulawangsa was involved in various organizations, either professional or social, which among others: Palace Forum of West Kalimantan, Environmental Impact Management Agency of West Kalimantan, Association of Indonesian Hydraulic Technical Experts (HATHI), Mathematical and Physical Sciences Network (MIPA-Net) of Indonesia, New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS), Association of Indonesian Fishery Bachelor (ISPIKANI), Atlantic Canada Association of Parasitologist (ACAP), Orca Diving Club of West Kalimantan, and Indonesian Subaquatic Sport Association (ISSA).

One of his notes written about his personal life is when he married to Dr. Ir Arini Mariam, M.Sc in 1985. From this marriage, they were blessed with three children who are Puteri Aryani Nurnisa Chandramidi entitled Pangeran Puteri Seri Negare, Gusti Mohammad Hafizh Adinugraha entitled Prince Wirabuana, and Gusti Mohammad Hakim Adiprasetya entitled Prince Jayakerta. 


Palace as Socio-Cultural Node

According to Prince Ratu Mulawangsa, Palace is the binding of element cultures (socio-cultural node). Diverse ethnic groups which emerged into its elements to build the Palace, both tangible and intangible, have been inserted since the first establishment. Therefore, when a culture entered into Palace, it might not be able to remove or replace an existed one. The element of religion as one of the external factors and which has more influenced into its development can not replace its traditional elements that had already existed. This is their local wisdom which combined with external influences and have been prevalent into royal culture.

The idea of Palace as a socio-cultural node is able to give its function as unifying all elements of society under its auspices. The function is very useful at present to be a centripetal force in order to accommodate the various interests of the primordial. The collective strength will be able to reduce the negative consequences of re-emergence of the phenomenon in primordial groups.

Palace for Cultural Resources of National Security

Prince Ratu Mulawangsa thought that Palace should be the cultural center. The role of Palace which has less consideration over legitimate institution in country, is tried to be appointed to get more attention. It is not something new that many courts in Indonesian-Archipelago gradually disappear along with the lack of attention, though the Palace is a cultural center which should express its National identity.

According to Prince Ratu Mulawangsa, there are two things make the Nation of Indonesia to lose its identity. Those two things are cultural integration from the outside that carried out through information and technology exchanges and lack attention to the Palace as its cultural center. The economical and materials development that are not accompanied by mental and spiritual development will gradually makes the Nation loss its identity, even it has been attached to each local culture.

Prince Ratu Mulawangsa’s idea is based on two words "Gnothi Seauton", which means "know yourself". The words were written by the priest in front of Apollo Temple in Delphi, Greece. Those two words have meaning all interactions and interdependences of community which purposeful and positive start with an understanding of identity. While finding the identity, one must strive to know and recognize history of the emergence and development of civilization in where he grew up. Including the awareness of traditions (customary law) in the community, or generally should familiar with social culture.

History and culture are two related words concern for both of them will guarantee the identity of a Nation will never be lost. The preservation of the values of history and culture, along with the Palace as its center, should be considered as a basic development. Losing its consciousness and awareness makes its community become less civilized. When a civilization is destroyed, the specific values will be extinct consecutively. The destruction often occurred in form of disposing part or all of sites, notes, and cultural heritages over the excuse of development. In addition, forgetting cultural traditions such as cultural rites is also considered as one of the destructions.

This is where the government has an importance role as the primary indicator of development to respectively start paying attention for the values of history and culture fro civilization. The ways are like to understand and preserve the cultural heritages, for the sake of Nation in present and future.

Palace and traditional institutions in Indonesia are the main source of cultural diversity. The existence and activities of Palace should be recognized by its community and become a role model so that could become the foundation for National development and security.

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