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Awards and Titles Received

Awards and titles received by Tuanku Luckman Sinar Basarshah II, as follows:

  1. Received an award by the Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia for participating Indonesian Culture Exhibition in Netherlands, 1995.
  2. The winner of Motto Creation of Langkat Regency "Bersatu Sekata, Berpadu Berjaya" (One word for united, one harmonize for victory), Stabat, on May 16, 1995.
  3. Received an honor as "Member of the National Geographic Society (United States)" on January 1, 1997.
  4. Received the Medal of “Soul Successor” Class ‘45 from DHD-45 Centre on February 27, 1997.
  5. Inaugurated as Sultan Tuanku Luckman Sinar Basarshah II, SH (Leader of Indigenous Affairs of Serdang Sultanate) by the Indigenous Council of Serdang in front of 8,000 people of Serdang and invited guests from Malaysia, South Thailand, Pontianak, Bangka, Bengkalis, Riau, West Sumatra, Aceh, Australia, India, and others. In Perbaungan on June 12, 2002.
  6. Received Sagang Award, Pekanbaru on December 6, 2003.
  7. Received an award of Medan during the anniversary of Medan at Teladan Stadium on July 1, 2004.
  8. Received an award from "Mayor of Medan" on July 1, 2004.
  9. Received an award from the Secretary of the Malay Islamic World as "Leader of Indigenous Affairs of Malay", which was given by Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Sri Najib Tun Razak at the 6th Ceremony of the Assembly of Malay Islamic World at MITC Melaka, on September 12, 2005.
  10. Received an award from MelayuOnline 2009 in the category of "Historians who Consistent in Malay Culture and History Review", at House of Concert Hall, Cultural Park, Yogyakarta, on January 20, 2009.
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