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Burial Grounds

The Grave of Sultan Sulaiman Shariful Alamshah in Sulaimaniyah Mosque compound, Perbaungan, Serdang
The Grave of Sultan Sulaiman Shariful Alamshah in Sulaimaniyah Mosque compound, Perbaungan, Serdang

The Graves of King of Serdang Sultanate are located in the middle of Big Village belong to Batak people (now known as Kampung Masjid), Batang Kuis District, near of Serdang River. The cemetery is one of valuable historical and archaeological sites lawfully gain legitimacy through Letter of Recognition of Land Endowments (Deed in Lieu of Waqf Pledge) approved by the Head of Mosque No. 01/wk/dm/05/2007, April 13, 2007, and intensified by KUA Batang Kuis District, April 13, 2007. The cemetery size is approximately 197m x 56.5m and wide 11130.5 ± m². The borders area around the cemetery are: public road on the east; Sinaga Hotman land on the west; Sahat Sigalingging and Sinambela land on the north, Simon Sinaga land on the south.

The Kings or Sultans buried inside the Tomb of Kings Complex of Serdang Sultanate are:

  1. The Sultan of Serdang II, Tuanku Sultan Ainan Johan Alamshah (1767-1817).
  2. The Sultan of Serdang III, Tuanku Sultan Thaf Sinar Basarshah (1790-1850).
  3. The Sultan of Serdang IV, Tuanku Sultan Basharuddin Shaiful Alamshah (1809 – February 1881).
  4. The consort of Sultan Basharuddin Shariful Alamshah, Tengku Puan Sahrah binti Sutan Rahmatsyah (Perbaungan).

Prior to the legitimacy under the Letter of Recognition of Land Endowments, the cemetery was quite apprehensive. On the rainy season, the burial area was often covered with water rain which prevents the others to visit. On June 8, 1936, Sultan Sulaiman Syariful Alamsyah built water channel through straightening Serdang River to stop the flow that streamed through the cemetery. Of this, the cemetery was saved from the flood threat on the rainy season.

In 1968, Tengku Abunawar Sinar, Tengku Luckman Sinar, Tengku Abukasim Sinar, Tengku Teh Nasrun, Tengku Ataillah, and Tengku Athar, together with the group made a visit to the cemetery and they got less favorable view. The cemetery area was changed converted to rice fields belong to Batak Toba. Most of the graves were piled up and only remains the grave of Sultan Basyaruddin Syaiful Alamsyah due the grave was blocked by a huge old tree.

This occurrence was immediately reported to the local civil service and state apparatus, unfortunately it was lack of significant response. Nobles of Serdang Sultanate eventually had the initiative to save that historical reserve with paying some "compensation" to Bona Sinaga and J. Sigalingging who managed the rice fields . On the basis of this "compensation", made a sketch map which was then followed up with the purchase by the representatives of the nobles of Serdang Sultanate who represented by Tengku Teh Nasrun and T. Ataillah as the eldest among the descendent of Serdang Sultan.

In addition to providing "compensation", on May 18, 1990, Tengku Ziwar bought the land that connected the cemetery with the highway, covering an area of ± 1200 m². The cemetery rescue was operated again in 1999 by Tengku Abunawar Sinar, Tengku Luckman Sinar, and Tengku Abukasim Sinar. These three royal nobles rescued the cemetery by fixing the tombstone of Sultan Ainan Johan Alamsyah, Sultan Thaf Sinar Basarshah, and Sultan Basyaruddin Shaiful Alamsyah, and making the thorn fence around the tomb complex.

In 2002, Tuanku Luckman Sinar Basarshah II made stone fence around the tomb complex and made the gate with the inscription “Kompleks Makam Diraja Serdang” (Tomb Complex of Serdang Kings). In addition to doing the construction, Tuanku Luckman Sinar Basarshah II also appointed an employee, Hasanuddin who served as caretaker of the tomb. His task was to maintain and keep for the cemetery.

The cemetery preservation effort was conducted in fixing the tombstones and shipyard tomb of the Sultans of Serdang such as text contained in the tombstone which is going to blur. All of these are important as the ways to legitimize historical heritages founded by Serdang Sultanate.

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