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Judging from history course, the changes in Serdang Sultanate area from time to time are obtained through several ways, including the way of conquest, kinship (marriage), or incorporation of the territory by the small kingdoms into the area of Serdang Sultanate. Since its inception, the area of Serdang Sultanate amended several times along with the times and socio-political conditions that occured. During the colonial period, Serdang Sultanate was inserted into the Residency of East Sumatra with other kingdoms, which are: Asahan kingdom, Deli kingdom, and Leidong Kualuh kingdom, Langkat Kingdom, Pelalawan kingdom, and the Kingdom of Siak Sri Inderapura.

After the independence of Indonesia in 1945 and the recognition of sovereignty in 1949, the change was occurred in Serdang Sultanate which was originally included in the territory of East Sumatra, since 1950 the Sultranate merged into North Sumatra province up until this present.

Based on several sources, the areas that have and still being part of the Sultanate of Serdang are: Percut, Perbaungan, Snake River, Serdang River, Padang, Bedagai, Sinembah, East Batak, Dolok District, Batubara (Lima Laras), Serbajadi, Denai, Patumbak, Rantau Panjang, Bandar Labuan, Lengo Seperang or Kwala Namu, Cermin Coast, Pertumbukan or Galang, Medan Senembah, Tambak Cikur, Rantau Panjang, until Lubuk Pakam, and many others.

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