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Titles of Nobility (Non-Relatives)

Serdang Sultanate awards Nobility to people outside Royal family (Non-relatives) who are considered meritorious and expedient to Serdang Sultanate in particular and Malay culture in general. One of the cultural figures who obtained Nobility from Serdang Sultanate was Mahyudin Al Mudra, SH, MM, (Stakeholder of Center for Research and Development of Malay Culture as well as Chairman of www.MelayuOnline.com), who received a primary degree of Serdang Sultanate: “Datuk Cendekia Hikmatullah”. This Title of Nobility was appreciation of Sultanate to the hard work of Mahyudin Al Mudra in preserving and developing the Malay culture, through on the largest and most complete Malay database, www.MelayuOnline.com and www.rajaalihaji.com.

Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, DR. Dr. Siti Fadilah Supari, has also received the Title of Nobility from Serdang Sultanate as “Datuk Sri Utama Sejahtera Bangsa”. This was awarded to her as she has assessed to help the people of Serdang through various programs in government.

Serdang Sultanate Indigenous Titles of Nobility granted to parties Non-Relatives of Serdang Sultanate are:

  1. H. Tengku  Nurdin  has title of Pangeran Kesuma Negara as the elders Serdang.
  2. Tuan Dr. Syafii Ahmad has title of Datuk Sri Wangsa Diraja as Main Adviser of Serdang Sultanate.
  3. Tuan Mahyudin Al Mudra, SH.MM.  has title of Datuk Cendekia Hikmatullah as the Pioneer of World of Malay or “Melayu Sedunia”, and the Founder of www.melayuonline.com, www.tengkuamirhamzah.com, and www.rajaalihaji.com.
  4. Tuan Prof.Dr.Ir. Djohar Arifin has title of Datuk Pendita Indera Wangsa as National Sport Developer.
  5. Tuan Drs. Sakhyan Asmara, M.SP. has title of Datuk Wangsa Diraja as the Developer of National Youth Movement.
  6. Tuan Drs. Zainuddin Mars has title of Datuk Indera Muda as the Developer of Serdang Indigenous Culture.
  7. Tuan  Prof. Suwardi MS. has title of Datuk Sastra Negara as the Developer of Malay History.
  8. Tengku Yose Rizal, SE. has title of Pangeran Setia Pahlawan as the Hero of Serdang Sultanate.
  9. O.K. Saidin, SH., M.Hum. has title of Datuk Dharma Wangsa as the Developer of Customary Serdang.
  10. Wan Iwan Dzulhami, SH. has title of Datuk Bijaya Sura as the Attorney of Malay Youth of Serdang.
  11. Tuan Drs. Syarifuddin Rosa has title of Datuk Wira Pahlawan as the Attorney of Malay Serdang Custom.
  12. Tuan Drs. Syafwan Hadi Umry has title of Datuk Amar Wangsa as the Attorney of Malay Serdang Literature.
  13. Tuan Drs. Erwin Nurdin Pelos has title of Datuk Arya Bupala.
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