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Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X
Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X

Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X

Bendoro Raden Mas (BRM) Herjuno Darpito who then holds Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Haryo (KGPH) Mangkubumi was crowned as the King of Ngayogyakarta Sultanate with the title Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X on March 7 1989. Aside serving as King of Ngayokyakarto Sultanate and leading people who live in Yogyakarta culturally, Sri Sultan HB X has also been being the public office administer as Governor of Special District Yogyakarta (DIY) since 1998 until now. In addition of those positions, Sri Sultan HB X was active and held in various positions in various organizations, including Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of commerce (Kadinda) DIY, Chairman of the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) DIY, President Director of PT Punokawan (conducted in construction services), President Commissioner of Sugar Factory Madukismo Yogyakarta, and many others.

Sri Sultan HB X has been registered as a member of the People's Consultative Council of the Republic of Indonesia (MPR-RI) since 1992. Head of Indonesian legislative assembly at provincial Golongan Karya (Golkar) DIY and becoming one of some figures on Ciganjur Declaration along with Gus Dur, Megawati and Amien Rais in the Reformation era, and initiated the establishment of social organization called “National Demokrat” (Democratic National) together with Surya Paloh in 2010. Sri Sultan HB X has produced scientific works. Those works are Menuju Indonesia Mulia Berbasis Keunggulan Budaya Nusantara (Towards the Noble Indonesia Based on Excellence Indonesian Archipelago); Hamemayu, Filosofi yang Mendasari Strategi Kebudayaan Membangun Martabat Bangsa (Hamemayu, The Philosophy of Cultural Strategies in National Dignity Building); Revitalisasi Nasionalisme (The Revitalization of Nationalism); Kerangka & Konsepsi Politik Indonesia (Terms & Political Conception of Indonesia), and many other works.

The Ngayogyakarta Sultanate has quite important governmental Position in the Republic of Indonesia. Through Mandate on September 5 1945, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX as the King of Ngayogyakarta Sultanate, along with Sri Paduka Pakualam who led the Pakualaman Duchy VIII, stated to join as part of the Republic of Indonesia. The regional of Yogyakarta City was recorded as the second oldest province after East Java. Today, the role of the Ngayogyakarta Sultanate still has a big impact politically and culturally, and became one of Javanese cultural center in Indonesia.

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