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Heirloom Weapons

1.      Keris Kanjeng Kyai Ageng Kopek

It is the main keris which a symbol used by the Sultan who serves as spiritual leader and head of government

2. Keris Kanjeng Kyai Joko Piturun

It is used by the Crown Prince

3. Keris Kanjeng Kyai Toyaninaban

It is used by the Sultan's oldest son

4. Keris Kanjeng Kyai Purboniat

It is used by a governor, someone who serves as head of state administration.

5. Pedang Kanjeng Kyai Mangunoneng

It is a sword used to execute the rebel leader named Tumenggung Mangunoneng

6. Tombak (spear)

The Ngayogyakarta Sultanate has various spears, start from single-head, three-heads, until similar with disc-shaped. Among those various forms of spearheads, there is privilege one, namely Kanjeng Kyai Ageng Plered.

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