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Manuskrip Kanjeng Kyai Al-Qur'an
Manuskrip Kanjeng Kyai Al-Qur'an

Wisya Budaya is Ngayogyakarta Sultanate’s library that managed manuscripts belongs to palace. There are two very important manuscripts, namely Kanjeng Kyai Al-Qur’an and Kanjeng Kyai Bharatayudha. Both of these manuscripts covered by animal skins and written with illustrations using watercolors and gold-colored paper.

Kanjeng Kyai Al-Qur’an is written by Hijaiyah (Arabic letter). It is decorated with illustrations in beginning of paragraph on every page. It also decorated with geometric and plant motifs illustrations painted in watercolor.

But, on the other hand Kanjeng Kyai Bharatayudha is written by Java. This manuscript contains the knowledge of the Sultanate which the Sultan can only read it. This manuscript is now kept in a special room called Ruang Prabayeksa, a royal heirlooms storing place.

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