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Royal Military and Ranks

The smallest unit in the military called a team which led by Sergeant. He is in charge of the lowest rank, i.e. soldiers. The combination of several teams called Brigade which led by Panji a ranking officer and accompanied by co-Panji. They have duty to regulate and govern the entire soldier in Brigade. Above the rank of Panji there is an officer who held the rank of Captain as the top leader of each Brigade. On top of the rank of captain there is a ranking officer called Pandega which is the highest leader of every officer on each Brigade. Above the rank of Pandega there is a ranking officer called Manggalayudha which is the highest rank among all of them. Manggalayudha is under the auspices of military affairs in Palace, namely Pengageng Tepas Kaprajuritan of the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate.

Some of units (Brigades) of the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate Military:

• Sumoatmojo Unit

It is the Royal Guardians under the command of Sultan which consisting of 2 Panji (Lieutenant level), 2 Sergeant, and 16 soldiers.

Weapons: Curved sword with round shield.

Uniforms: Steel plate Layer armor crescent-shaped, big belt made out from buffalo leather, head covering called udheng gilig, bare legs and the whole body was given a yellow powder.

• Ketanggung Unit

Ketanggung Unit consists of 1 Regent, 8 Panji, 8 Sergeant, 64 soldiers, 1 person carrying the flag (Duaja).

Weapons: Rifle with unsheathed bayonets and wearing a keris at the waist.

Uniforms: Jackets open and dressed in white, black headband and a triangular hat, and long boots.

Duaja: United flag called Cokroswandono.                       

 Patangpuluh Unit

Consisting of 4 Panji, 8 Sergeant, 72 soldiers, 1 person carrying Duaja.

Weapons: Rifle

Uniforms: Jackets open and white dress, head covering which called a skull cap and long boots.

Duaja: United flag called Cokrogoro.

• Wirobrojo Unit (Lombok Abang Soldiers)

Consisting of 4 Panji, 8 Sergeant, 72 soldiers, 2 persons carrying Duaja.

Weapons: Rifle

Uniforms: Jackets open and red pants, a belt of red satin fabric, headgear in the form of a white headband or black, red hat called kudhup Turi (Turi petals), white socks, and shoes.

Duaja: Have two united flags; Kyai Slamet and Kyai Santri. Both are also known by the name Duaja Gulo Klopo.

 Jogokaryo Unit

Consisting of 4 Panji, 8 Sergeant, 72 soldiers, 1 person carrying Duaja.

Weapons: Rifle.

Uniforms: Jackets open made out from striated fabric with yellow shirt, a belt of red satin fabric, headgear winged skull cap, long socks, and shoes.

Duaja: united flag called Papasan.

 Nyutro Unit

Consisting of 8 Panji, 8 Sergeant, 46 soldiers, 2 persons carrying Duaja. This unit consists of 2 troops. Each troop is divided into 3 squads.

Weapons: First squad armed with rifles, second and third squads armed with spears with different shades

Uniforms: The two troops in  Nyutro Unit wear the same uniform, a short-sleeved shirt, pants, and dodot or Kampuh fabric bangun tulak ( dodot or kampuh : Javanese traditional clothes of batik cloth or silk), headgear is udheng gilig, bare foot. The difference lies in the color of uniforms in black or red.

Duaja: Padmostrikresno and Podangngisepsari .

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