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Enceh or Padasan

Enceh or padasan is a big barrel placed in king’s graveyard in Imogiri (Pajimatan Girirejo Imogiri). There are four enceh which are gifts from other countries that have good relationship whit the Ngayogyakarta Sultanate, they are: Nyai Siyem (from Siam), Kyai Mendung (from Rum/Turkey), Kyai Danumaya (from Aceh), Nyai Danumurti (from Palembang). Every first day of Tuesday kliwon or Friday Kliwon every year in the month of Suro, a ceremony was held to drain the water inside enceh and replace it with new water. Some people believe that water inside enceh is sacred water that believed to cure illness, deny many dangers, and to achieve success.

Horse saddle

There is a horse saddle in the Ngayogyakarta Sultanate which considered as one of heirlooms of the kingdom. This horse saddle was named Kyai Kanjeng Cekathak that belongs to a horse named Kyai Dhurmasari. This white horse is one of Sultan Hamengku Buwono I’s  favorite house which decorated with brass, silver, and diamond-studded gold. When Kyai Cekathak Kanjeng participated in a ceremony, it wore saddle, but without a rider.

Leather Puppet

Some of leather puppets which represent the Ngayogyakarta Sultanate's collection can be categorized as heirlooms too. The collections of leather puppets posessed by Ngayogyakarta Sultanate are in good condition although it had been hundreds of years old. Some of leather puppets are:

  1. Kanjeng Kyai Jayaningrum (represents as Janaka or Arjuna).
  2. Kanjeng Kyai Jimat (represents as Puntadewa or Yudhishthira).
  3. Kanjeng Kyai Batara Tumurun (represents as Batara Guru).
  4. Kanjeng Kyai Gendreh (represents as Krishna).
  5. Kanjeng Kyai Bayukusuma (represents as Werkudara or Bima).
  6. Turangga (represents as Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo’s horse).

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