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Regalia (Symbol of Power)

The Ngayogyakarta Sultanate has regalia given to the Sultan in leading the country and its people as his character and symbol of power. A set of regalia called Kyai Kanjeng upacara consists of:

  1. Goose (Banyak), symbol of honesty and vigilance
  2. Deer (dhalang), symbol of the intelligence and agility
  3. Roosters (Sawung), symbol of virility and responsibilities
  4. Peacock Bird (Galing), symbol of the splendor and beauty
  5. Dragon King (hardawalika), symbol of strength
  6. Safe deposit box (kutuk), symbol of kindness or generosity
  7. Handkerchief box (kacumas), symbol of purity
  8. Oil lamps (kandhil), symbol of enlightenment
  9. Place of betel (Cepuri), place of cigarettes (wadhah ses), and place of spitting (kecohan), symbols of the decision making process.

This set of Kyai Kanjeng upacara is made out of gold and brought by 10 virgin girls when using it in the ceremony.

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