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The throne of Ngayogyakarta Sultanate called Dhampar Kencono is a fusion of European culture, especially from France and England. The French influence was adopted from Louis XIV style in 18th century, Louis XV style in 19th century, and Louis XVI style (Neo-classical) in 20th century. And the England influence was in chair style which influenced by the Georgian Style, Queen Anne Style and Victorian styles.

Dhampar Kencono is a symbol to build social status and image. It comes from palace environment that provides an ideal model for Java community. Its form reflects the attitude and the nature of sultan who represents concept of Javanese power. Meanwhile the attitude and character are reflected in the draft “Gung Binathara Baudhendha Hanyakrawati, Ratu Pina­dhita, Manunggaling Kawula-Gusti”. This concept was influenced by three cultures.

First, the form of Dhampar Kencono was influenced by hinduism which according to their believe that the King (Sultan) is the embodiment or incarnation of god. It is reflected when a king (sultan) wears complete attributes seems as a figure of supreme god in Hinduism, Lord Vishnu.

Second, the Sultan has position as a complete human being and considered became one with God. That's according to the concept of Manunggaling Kawula-Gusti. Manunggaling Kawula (slave) and Gusti (God) has the same meaning between people with the Sultan in unification as one.

Third, Dhampar Kencono which one of seats without armrest and backrest that comes from the form dhingklik (stools) has symbolic meaning of Sultan as a servant of God who did not rely on anyone except God.

Sultan Hamengku Buwono throne is located in a ward namely Bangsal Manguntur Tangkil. It is a ward in the ward, because the hall was the center of Main Hall which called Siti Hinggil. The word of “Siti” means "land" and “Hinggil” means "high". Then, this called so because it was built higher than the surrounding plains.

Dhampar Kencono is located in Bangsal Manguntur Tangkil on Selogilang (the higher floor which made out ​​of rectangular-shaped stone with a size of 7.25 meters to west and 6 yards to north). Selogilang was built without balungan (skeleton or frame), carving, painting, and only smoothed with sandpaper.

The size of Kencono Dhampar  is 2.3 meters to the east-west and 0.2 meters high. At first, Dhampar Kencono was made ​​out of watu gilang (a shiny black stone) known as Gilang Lupura. Now, Gilang Lupura can still be witnessed in Kotagede, the location of Mataram Sultanate palace. But in the reign of Sultan Hamengkubuwono VII, Dhampar Kencono replaced with refined marble stone.

Dhampar Kencono is used as seating for the Sultan during coronation and Pisowanan Agung. In this seat, he sat facing north in the direction of Tugu Yogyakarta and Merapi Mountain, which at the straight line (imaginary line) with the Ngayogyakarta Sultanate Palace.

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